Our Mission

We design ultralight gear with heavy duty features.

Ruckmule Mountain Gear was founded with a focused mission: develop comfortable ultralight backpacks that outperform with reliability to handle harsh conditions and heavy use from athletes and outdoorsmen.
The evolution of ultralight backpacking gear started a trend of a steep downward spiral of outright performance. The majority of ultralight gear can be described as being extremely minimalist to the point of being functionally flawed. Hiding behind the facade of ultralight, backpacks were simple, feature-less and seemed to be cheap for companies to have manufactured overseas and produced in mass.
The importance of keeping packs extremely lightweight is great, in theory. But simple design features can only accomplish so much, and to the point of regression in outdoor recreation. So, we started designing packs that were balanced and didn’t have to sacrifice comfort, performance or reliability for a couple less ounces, literally. 
We didn’t care to create gear just to make a statement of being the lightest packs available. That would be too easy, and just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. 


Our in-house gear development comes from hunting, fishing, hiking and traveling all over the diverse conditions and environments in the Pacific Northwest. 

Alpine Mountains, PNW Rain Forests, High Deserts and Coastal Regions with fast changing weather systems required gear to match the conditions. 
The PNW was and still is the inspiration behind the variants of pack systems we build today.


The nonnegotiable aspect of our gear development process was having complete in-house quality assurance. We wanted to create top-tier outdoor performance gear from start to finish. The ability for us, as a company, to be able to answer and stand behind any of the important core questions honestly. The Who, What, When, Where and Why. The reason we know our mountain gear, inside and out is because we designed, developed and handcrafted every piece ourselves.

American Made.

For us, being American Made isn’t a selling tactic we planned for marketing. It’s American Made because we want to maintain full control over any and all quality assurances with anything that is associated with RMG. From the smallest details into the cutting and sewing process of our gear all the way to answering customer service emails.

We’re proud to be American, and proud to have of our gear development and company come from Americans.