The journey of RMG began with a simple yet ambitious vision - to create exceptional gear that can perform in the rugged terrains and unpredictable conditions first of the Pacific Northwest, from the Cascade Mountains then onto the Rocky Mountains and beyond.

The power of American manufacturing played a pivotal role in our beginnings. Having in-house sewing machines allowed us to experiment during the design phase, receive real-time feedback, and make continuous improvements to our gear over the years. With every piece of gear we’ve made it has been a constant learning experience refining, learning, and building better solutions.

The continued gear development and innovation has been at the core of what and who we are today. Our in-house sewing machines gave us the freedom to bring our creative visions to life. We had the flexibility to experiment, try out new materials, find out exactly what went wrong and what went right, down to each and every stitch. It's this hands-on approach that’s allowed us to craft backpacking gear that's been a cut above the rest.

We’re proud to be a small part in representing American manufacturing, and how it’s been one of the most important processes of controlling quality to our standards from the very beginning until now. Trying new ideas and building new concepts comes with tons of failures and successes alike, paving the way to the backpacks and bags today, and the ones that will come in the future.

RMG will always maintain our American manufacturing standards, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.